Hi, I am renata

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I believe that some of the most meaningful and beautiful moments in life are the simple ones that we might take for granted. That's why I'm passionate about capturing these moments through photography so that they can be cherished and remembered for years to come. From the laughter of a child to a quiet moment shared between loved ones or the beauty of everyday surroundings, I strive to capture the essence and emotion of each moment in a way that feels authentic and timeless.

Whether I’m photographing families, kids, couples, or solos, my approach is always spontaneous, natural, and relaxed. I am dedicated to capturing each person's genuine essence and personality so that every photograph I create is a true reflection of who they are.

Curiosities about me...

✧ I was born and raised in Brazil, and I’ve been living with my family in Canada since 2016.

✧ I am a mother to a super cool pre-teen daughter.

✧ I have a mischievous little dog named Cookie.

✧ I love dancing forró, a Brazilian rhythm.

✧ I’ve been learning skateboarding forever

✧ In a lifetime ago, I was a lawyer, which you might not have guessed. Am I right? I’m glad I had the courage to leave a stable field like the law to pursue what I love the most.

✧ I started out in photography shooting products for my online store, but then I began photographing people and I fell in love. 

✧ I love connection, and hearing people’s stories brings me so much joy and happiness.

✧ I photograph couples, families, solo portraits, and even pets - wherever the connection is, I’m up for it.

✧ Is there anything you want to know about me? Shoot me a message.

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